Sunday, September 23, 2007

Miuccia Prada, I Presume

Try as he might, the Pilgrim simply no longer can resist the call of the mohair sweater project, partly inspired by madam Miuccia, as noted in previous posts. Prada's collection for Fall was hypnotic to a Pilgrim. Ravishing and inspired. One loves her simplicity of line, her palette which - in her menswear - normally does not stray very far afield. Until now.

The Prada men's collection for Fall '07 was chock full of color and whimsy: the dazzling ombre treatment to all sorts of fabrics and items ranging from hats to sweaters to pants, even shoes! One hardly knows how to respond, except to say...I must have this!

One wonders: Could this be the breakthrough the Pilgrim has long resisted? Could this be his irreversible plunge into the land of Technicolor titillation? Is he, like Dorothy, not in Kansas anymore? Time will tell.

At any rate, he has finally begun the colorful mohair sweater that had been percolating in the back of his mind for quite some time - ever since that first Prada preview some months back. It will be simple in design, but with surprising bits of color in the faux ombre effect he has been devising: a seamless raglan crew neck, knit entirely in the round. The bottom hem is turned under in contrast color and knitted together to minimize the dreaded finishing. Likewise the sleeves.

Herewith, a rather inferior collection of photos showing my beloved in its most humble beginnings. Resolved, am I, to take my time with this one. I had, after all, proclaimed myself not so long ago done with sweaters forever. This one I will not rush. I just hope I am finished in time to actually give it some wear before the spring.

Rowan Kidsilk Haze, Shades 577 and 578. Double stranded on US #6 circular needles.
Don't let the drabness fool you...there will be surprises to come...