Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Awakening

One knows that spring has arrived with the appearance lilacs for sale outside every deli on the Upper West Side. At long last, we are experiencing here in the City a burst of lovely, winsome weather.

Ah Spring! The trees bud, the tulips bloom, and city faces bear giddy smiles. A euphoria is felt in spite of oneself, and one's best efforts to appear steady, stern.

Yet, with this joyous surge also dawns a dilemma: What to knit? And, frankly, who wants to? Who wants to knit when there are buds to sniff and parks to roam in all their fleeting, springtime splendor? For a Pilgrim as Knitty as oneself, 'tis quite the quandary.

On reflection, one realizes 'tis nature's way of telling the Pilgrim: Lighten Up! Think small! Think cotton! Think Socks!

And so, the Pilgrim embarks on yet another in a series of stripey socks for the L-SO. This time, doing the striping oneself using three different cotton yarns in a royal blue, a light blue and a very spring-y green.

Tedious it 'tis, but oh how uplifting for Long-Suffering feet!

One down, one more to go. May they put a Spring in his step!

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knitlit kate said...

are you kidding? spring is the perfect time to the park, on the beach, on the porch, in a cafe. no excuses for any ufo's pilgrim!