Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Socks

Gentle Reader, fellow Pilgrims amongst you surely will recognize that the Knitty Pilgrim is not one to indulge in trendy abbreviation. No. The Knitty Pilgrim does not "text." One does not find here flippant mentions of the "FO" or "LYS." The Pilgrim is seldom moved to exclaim "OMG!" or indicate that one is "LMAO!" The Pilgrim is inclined to insert two proper spaces following the period at the end of a sentence, and always to include the punctuation inside the quotation mark.

The Pilgrim is a dying breed, I fear. A dinosaur. A curmudgeon. Alas.

Nevertheless, he still can be known to take some small delight in the completion of yet another in a series of silly, stripey socks for the Long-Suffering Other. In cotton, no less, and just in time for Summer.

Behold: happy, if long-suffering, feet!

P.S. OK, regular readers amongst you will recognize one notable abbreviation in the Knitty Pilgrim lexicon: the "L-SO."
Do feel free to share what you yourselves are knitting to welcome Summer!
And, until next time, kind regards. -- K.P.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Did you study ballet? That's almost a perfect first position. ;-)

The socks are very cute. Love the contrast heel and toe!