Monday, August 11, 2008

Diagarter Scarf

A while back, you may recall, the Pilgrim shared a stash-busting experiment -- the Diagonal Garter Scarf, which was a playful way to use up some lovely Noro Silk Garden that for many months had been hanging out in the limbo land of the yarn closet.

Well, it is finished, and I believe the auspicious start proved right. Tis a scarf a Pilgrim will wear with some satisfaction, should winter ever decide to come.

Sadly, or not so, the Pilgrim has been on a spree of late, and, as a consequence, the yarn closet is once more expanding beyond its seams. What, pray tell, is a Pilgrim to do?

Only what one can do, one supposes.
Pick up sticks.
And knit.

1 comment: said...

Perfect!! I've been trying to figure out what to do with all these strays. You answered my question and the scarf looks great.

Will (eastbaywill at Men Who Crochet)