Monday, September 1, 2008

Noro Newness

Once upon a time, some of you may recall, the Pilgrim embarked on a blanket project dubbed the Piggyback Throw. It was an auspicious start, and a lot of fun to watch it grow. Sadly, that effort ended badly, a casualty of the great neighbor renovation debacle of 2007 which, as previously reported, soiled much of the Pilgrim's stash with a thick coating of plaster dust rendering much of it, including the Piggyback Throw, hopelessly, irretrievably unusable.

And now, nearly a full year later, the Pilgrim once again embarks on another big blanket journey; this time with a beautiful Noro Kureyon (#164) colorway purchased in bulk and on sale (!!).

It is truly a delight to behold the shifting tones as the color-changing drama unfolds. It seems to make the knitting go faster; and indeed perhaps it does, as one never wants to put it down until the full skein has finished. Once completed, one feels it will make a right proper throw. A right proper throw indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Is this also a Piggyback Blanket? It is so beautiful.
Great knitting.
Ron in Mexico