Saturday, October 4, 2008

Crazy Mixed Up Sox

Pleased, as ever, to share with you, Gentle Reader, my latest finished object - the Crazy Mixed Up Sox, knitted from a single skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock. As you may surmise, the Pilgrim wound the skein into a single center-pull ball, and then pulled alternately from each end of the ball to achieve the playful alternating striping.

As ever, one is amazed by Noro's colorific drama ever-unfolding. With the completely random alternating stripes, one never knows what one will get. Delightfully so.
All hail Noro.



lekkercraft said...

GREAT stripey Noro effect. It's perfect for a simple sock pattern so you can see how pretty that yarn is. Lovely FO.

Spinning Ninny said...

I've never worked with Noro, but it's on my list of Wanted Yarns. Once I bust through a bit more of my stash, I might be allowed to purchase some. :)