Sunday, January 20, 2008

Knit fit for a Nephew

Over the past year or so, the Pilgrim has created a number of knits for the L-S O's adorable neice, the eight-year-old Princess Mary. Mary is more precisely a Pink Princess. Absolutely anything is fine by long as it's pink. And so, she has been the happy recipient of an exceedingly soft and fuzzy pink scarf with fringe, and a lovely pink, green and white striped cotton tank dress knit entirely in stockinette with pink garter stitch trim - very Lilly Pulitzer! What joy to create little things for such an adorable little one!

But, one doesn't want to neglect her older brother, the 13-year-old Matthew, now does one? It's just not so easy, though, to find a project or pattern that feels a right fit for a young, newly teen boy.

Enter the new book, Son of Stitch 'N Bitch - another little Christmas gift from the L-S O. How pleased was I to find the knit hoodie featured on the far-left side of the cover, below:

And in close-up here:

Perfectly suited, it seems, for an active 13-year-old, don't you agree?

Although the Pilgrim certainly approves of the brown version in the book, for Matthew I have chosen a largely gray (surprise) and blue scheme. And despite the fact that my gauge was wrong and I had to rip it out once and start anew, so far I think it's coming out rather well.

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Spinning Ninny said...

wow - the is the perfect sweater for a 'tween boy!