Saturday, January 12, 2008

Scarf Magic

The Pilgrim received an inquiry as to how he got the stockinette to lay so flat. Indeed, the scarf is not stockinette, but single k1 p1 rib throughout. I have chosen not to block it, so it remains smushed together to resemble stockinette, yet lays impeccably flat.

I love this scarf. The L-SO has taken to calling it "The Magic Scarf" because, he says, due to its coloration it miraculously goes with literally everything.

Herewith, another view:

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janice said...

oh, wowie, i got mentioned in your blog. :) anyways, i love this stockinette effect--as fun as cables and bobbles are to do, sometimes i just want to knit everything stockinette so you can see how pretty the yarn is.