Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chunks Ahoy!

It must be stated that, contrary to popular belief, the Pilgrim does not eschew all trends. Indeed, he holds more than a passing interest in the world of fashion. And so, delighted was he to stumble upon this page during his perusal of the current (August 2007) issue of "W" magazine.

Behold the chunk:

And I quote:

"Size matters - at least when it comes to this season's knitted goods.

"Everyone loves a cozy knit. Now the cold-weather favorite gets bigger, beefier and bolder with amped-up texture and proportions. On the fall runways, designers moved away from refined takes in favor of oversize knits that were chunky and raw. 'It's a less precious look,' says Twinkle's Wenlan Chia. To achieve that rugged sensibility for the colossal offerings in this Giles collection, Giles Deacon commissioned special knitting needles. 'They were basically two enormous broomsticks,' he quips -- Venessa Lau."

Until next time, may the chunks be with you.....


Kent said...

Have you a pattern in mind that utilizes the 'super chunk' yarn?


Knitty Pilgrim said...

Sadly, no. The Pilgrim draws inspiration from the fiber, and has not, thus far, found a chunky yarn to suit. Tis most frustrating. Most frustrating indeed.

How about you?

Kent said...

I have only come across photo-inspiration.

The gray for you:

The orange for me:

Kent said...

Or this: Giles on Style


knitlit kate said...

chunkalicious! looks like twinkle to me.

knitlit kate said...

p.s. the hands on the shoulders are also very benjamin cho:">knit lit: UFO alert

knitlit kate said...

oops...lemme try that again...benj. cho is here:
knit lit: UFO alert