Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Needle Sharing

Gentle Reader, 'twas little more than one year ago that I returned from a protracted business trip to discover that, in my absence, my Long-Suffering Other had picked up needles and started to knit! I realize that you are not yet properly acquainted with my Long-Suffering Other, but you may take me at my word when I impart that this was decidedly out of character. Most out of character indeed.

Flummoxed was I.

Then when Dear Friend Elizabeth phoned up trilling tales of madcap adventures at her local knit shop, well, it simply was more than one could sensibly bear. I refused to be excluded from all the fun. I wanted to knit. Nay, I NEEDED to knit, and I needed to knit NOW!

My Long-Suffering Other sighed and showed me the basics. This is how you knit. This is how you purl. I picked up a book or twelve to show me the rest, snatched the needles and yarn right out of his hands, and, well, we were off....

Traveling about from place to place as my work requires me more than occasionally to do, it seemed the perfect occupation for idle fingers and boggled brains. And so, Gentle Reader, the Knitty Pilgrim embarked. And the journey began.

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