Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Pilgrim's Progress - Diamond Vee

As much as the Pilgrim endeavors to embrace color now and then, the time comes when he must revert to his natural inclination towards the neutral - one might say drab - palette. Case in point, the Diamond Vee.

The Diamond Vee arose from one's desire for a casual, summer weight pullover for long, languid evenings by the shore. To begin, I chose a virtually weightless Rowan Summer Tweed in a suitably dour charcoal gray (although it tickles the Pilgrim no end to note that, if one were to inspect it truly close up, one could detect the occasional subversive flecking of pink!). Next, a somewhat lacy stitch pattern was chosen for a bit of breezy ventilation along the length of the front - in this case, the Moss Stitch Diamond Panel from my trusty Harmony Guide.

I'm not at all sure this displays very well - in sooth, I fear it does not - but my calculations convinced me that, after a small one-inch ribbing along the bottom hem, approximately three diamond repeats would take me up to the base of the Vee.

I'm still in the sewing and finishing up phase at the moment, but my senses tell me that, once complete, this will be a right suitable garment for a Pilgrim to wear. A right suitable garment indeed.


The Ninny said...

what a delicious v-neck! did you come up with that yourself? if so, you ought to write up the pattern! you can see that i have entirely too much rowan tweed for my own good!

and as for my blog, the top is from a pattern...i'm thinking of frogging it to start afresh...and relive the magic of the lace...but on second thought perhaps not...

long suffering other. heh.

Kent said...

Ohhh lovely sweater!

I like the center panel/diamond motif & the earthy yarn you chose :)